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Flop Bunny Syndrome a Serious Problem for Rabbits

To all rabbit owners, if you’ve never heard of this please read the article below reference vid from youtube The most obvious symptoms would be when the rabbit having issue balancing thus having difficulty moving around or even hopping, head tilted like its having a stiff neck and overall being very weak. Once these had……

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Raising Potato Ep 1 – Hello Everybunny!

OLA~! My name is Sher and i’m a proud new mama of my now 16 weeks old Holland Lop Eared Bunny, Potato. In the coming weeks, i will share with you on how Potato is growing up and what i do when i encounter problems while raising him. For this episode, i will share on……

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Rabbit Checklist For First Time Owners

The day before I got my bunny (Cubique), I, a first time rabbit owner thought that I had everything needed. I had purchased many essential items such as food, hay, cage etc. However, on the day that I got Cubique, I then realised that I was short on so many other items! I hope that……

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Introduction to Hamster Genetics – Back to the basic!

Before you further confuse yourself more… have a peak at what is genetics all about! It’s important to know how your hamster comes about as it may affect your desired offspring or you just want to know your furry ball a little more. It will be a little dry, but hey! After reading this you……

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Syrian Colours Part 4 (Coat Types)

*Note from TheOnePet: Sorry for the delay as TheOnePet was on holiday for two weeks.   Alas the last part for “What colours to choose”? Though there ain’t much ‘colour’ in coat typings, but it will affect your decision when you are selecting your hammies. Some of the coat types will actually change your view……

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Syrian Colours Part 3 (Coat Patterns)

Well well, have you wonder where are those white striped or spotted hamsters you own or saw them? Well this week we are exploring them as they are known as coat patterns rather then individual colours. Coat patterns will show on all colours and some coat patterns can occur together. Some may be lethal, some……

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Syrian Colours Part 2 (Self Colours)

Seems like agouti colours is not the end for Syrian hamsters! Today we will be looking at self colours. So what’s the difference between agouti and self?  Agouti colours have cheekflashes, ivory cresents, may have tickings and with an ivory belly but self colours same colour all over (top and belly) with no agouti markings on……

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Syrian Colours Part 1 (Agouti Colours)

Do you know there are a huge variety of colours for Syrian hamsters? If you do not, you are in for a colourful treat!   Well he’s not that colourful (assuming the standard for colourful is rainbow) but here in this week I gonna introduce the varies colours there are for Syrian hamsters. From here……

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Things You Might Not Know About Your Guinea Pig

Some guinea pig facts have been fairly commonly known for years – as an example, guinea pigs are not pigs and not from Guinea, or even New Guinea. I thought it might be interesting to share some facts about pigs that might not be so well known, maybe even among guinea pig owners.   1. Guinea……

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About TheOnePet

Being a Vegetarian since birth, I’ve developed a special kind of love and respect for animals. My first dwarf hamster was given to me and my brother by my aunt as a present when I was just nine years old.  In the eleven years since then, my first experience with a Syrian hamster was when he was abandoned……

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