Rabbit Checklist For First Time Owners

The day before I got my bunny (Cubique), I, a first time rabbit owner thought that I had everything needed. I had purchased many essential items such as food, hay, cage etc. However, on the day that I got Cubique, I then realised that I was short on so many other items!
I hope that this post will help those who are intending to get a rabbit or if you already have one!

Firstly, before adopting/purchasing a rabbit, it is important to note that it is a life commitment. Rabbits are able to live up to 10 years or more if well taken care of. Rabbits also need ample space to run about and should not be caged up all day.

So here’s the list of things you’ll need in short:

More details below.


Time and space

You need to spend time with your rabbit so you can bond with it and some space for them to run around to exercise and play.
Here is an article of why a rabbit should not be confined to a cage.



Your rabbit will need a place to sleep in when nobody is around to supervise it.

There are many types of cage available but I would recommend one with a plastic mesh base. It is more comfortable as compared to the wired mesh.
If you are using a wired mesh base, floor tiles or rubber mats should be given for resting spot and to prevent sore hocks.

The size of cage should go according to the size of your rabbit, of course the bigger the better as it will have more space to run about.

Here’s a guideline to follow;

Litter Pan
I give my rabbit a litter pan to poop and urinate so that the cage will not be dirty. It is best to placed the litter pan near the place where your rabbit eats as they have a habit of eating and pooping at the same time!

I am using pellet bedding for my bunny.Don’t get mixed up with their food pellet which looks somesort like the pellet bedding! I would recommend cat litter pellet bedding or carefresh bedding.
Do not, I emphasise, do not use clumping cat litter, pine or cedar shavings as these are harmful to your bunny!

You can see a list of bedding that are safe or harmful here.

It would be good to give your rabbit a hideout in his/her cage. Rabbits love sleeping in them as it makes them feel more secure.

There are many budget and affordable toys that you can give your rabbit. Toys such as toilet roll core, cardboard boxes etc.
Click here for a list of ideas.

Feeders, Hay Rack and Bottle or crock
A bowl to hold your rabbit pellets so that it won’t be a mess in the cage. Hay rack to hold the hay in so that the hay will not be all over the cage and will not absorb the urine, A bottle or crock for your rabbit. (water should be changed daily)


Food – Essentials

Junior rabbits and senior rabbits have different needs. But both would require two main essentials. Hay and pellets (not the bedding).

Junior rabbits (6 months and below)
Unlimited amounts of Alfalfa or Timothy hay
Unlimited amounts of Alfalfa food pellets
Clean water in a bottle or crock (change daily)

 Senior (6 months and up)
Unlimited amounts of Timothy hay
1/4 cup of timothy pellets per 6lb of body wt.
2 – 3 cups of vegetable (click here for good and bad vegetables)
Clean water in a bottle or crock (change daily)

You can read more from rabbit.org and TLLR.


Food Supplements – Optionals

Papaya Fruit Plus Tablet
Hairball Relief Gel
Ionized Deodorizing water



It is important to keep your rabbit clean! You can send your rabbit for grooming or groom them yourself!

Rabbit nails grows quite fast and it is important to trim them. However, if you are not confident, I would suggest going to a rabbit savvy vet or groomer as you do not want to hurt your rabbit. I would recommend getting the rabbit nail clippers instead of using the human ones.
Read more here.

Dry Shampoo 
I don’t give my rabbit a bath unless needed as he is quite a clean one and seldom make a mess. But I would recommend getting one in case your rabbit soils his bottom. Remember to clean his/her backside if any poop gets stuck there! You don’t want health problems for your rabbit!

You should brush your rabbit once a week, for long furs, once a day! You don’t want your rabbit to ingest too much loose hair as that can cause issues with his digestive system!

Rabbits can get ear mites so you should check your rabbit ears regularly and ensure that there is no build up of ear wax or any icky stuff. Do not poke anything into your rabbit ears as you don’t want to damage it.

Fleas and Parasites
Your bunny can get infected with fleas, ticks and parasites etc. If you bring your rabbit out often, then you should have a bottle of fleas and ticks prevention spray to prevent your pet from getting infected.

But for me, as I do not really bring my rabbit out, I don’t use it as often because I am afraid that my rabbit might lick/consume the solution when grooming himself.



It’s better to buy disinfectants that are safe for pets rather than using the ones we human use.

Tiles/Cooling Plate
Marbles tiles or cooling plate for your rabbit to rest on when the weather gets too hot

A pet carrier for your rabbit to travel safely. You’ll need it when you bring your pet to the vet/groomer or for any other occasions.

 Note: remember that everything you use for rabbits should be rabbit safe!

That’s about it! If you think I should add any more in, feel free to leave a comment!