2AM – I Did Wrong MV Part 1 & 2

An old song from 2AM but just happened to hear it again and it just brings up lots of emotions within me. It’s really touching, for those whom hasn’t watch this music video or heard this song before, try to feel it with your heart and you should be able to know the story in the music video. If you can’t I’ve a summary of the story below as well

part 1:

part 2:

Part 1 & 2 [HD]Quality *without english sub*:

I know of people who were like anti KPOPs because they don’t know the language, and they don’t understand why others likes it so much.

Personally i felt many of their song’s really touching even though i personally also do not understand Korean. But somehow i felt certain songs has some ‘feelings’ within it and it can somehow be felt just by listening.


The MV started showing the life of the four guys, each of them were having problems and feeling dull towards their lives.

Then suddenly one day a new student (Sohyun) transferred into their class. The four guy were shocked and immediately recalled their childhood memories. All of them fell in love with her again.

She spent time with each of them and unknowingly causing jealousy among the guys and they ended up fighting over her. She happened to witness it and stopped them from fighting. She tells them to never ever fight because of her again before she left home after tending to their injuries, like how it was back in their childhood days.

When she got back she saw her parents talking to the doctor regarding her health (she had cancer). The next day she was walking alone feeling depressed in school when the four guys suddenly shown up and cheered her up with the little surprise which the four guys used to do during their childhood days. She was happy that the four guys were together again.

She continues spending time with each of them doing what each of them likes skating/rounding/basketball/DJ. One day she fainted while skating and was sent to the hospital, that’s where they learn about her having cancer when her mum told them the truth. And that her daughter’s dream was to go to school with them which was why she transferred over to their school.

The guys were heart broken-ed. The next day they received an sms from her asking them to visit her at the hospital, where she then sneaked out and spent the night out having fun with them.

She passed away feeling happy because she had the four guys with her and gotten back all the memories which she misses back in their childhood days. Also achieving her dream of attending school with all of them.

The guys picked themselves up, and fought for their dreams once again. They took their life seriously now and learnt to appreciate what they have. As they saw how much she fought for hers till the last second. In a way they knew she was telling them not to give up but continue fighting for their dreams while they still could…