Is your cat having ringworm and how do you treat it?

Hello Everybody!


This is a post to educate cat owners in regards to ringworm on cats and I hope it helps! 😀


Firstly, you must be wondering how does ringworm looks like on cats? Well, just a warning that it may look uneasy!

Here are some pictures of ringworm on cats:

Basically, it’s bald patches that is visible revealing reddish skin like those picture above.

FYI, ringworms that your pets has is highly contagious. Meaning to say, even while pet owners treating their ringworm may have chances of getting it via physical contact or air as ringworm is fungus type that is micro and light. Hence, the air might be carrying the fungus around your house as you are treating it.

So, you might be wondering, how does ringworm looks like on human? Here’s one of the images that could show you:

It red circle shape as shown above. If your cats has ringworm, please bring to vet immediately before it starts spreading to your household and your other pets!

When you bring the cat to the vet, the doctor will do fungus test and let you know on the day itself if they have the equipment or in a week’s time. The doctor will prescribe a medicated shampoo and mycoban cream to apply on the affected area. For medicated shampoo, depending on the doctor instruction, you will need to bath your cat with the shampoo between once a day or once every week or so. This could be due to the concentration of the medicated shampoo thus different instruction. For mycoban, you have to apply twice daily on the affected area. Try to use different cotton bud or cotton balls when you are applying to prevent from spreading further in other areas. For myself, I was told that neem oil actually has anti fungus properties and treats ringworm really well, so, I bath my cat with mixture of some richard’s organic neem oil with the medicated shampoo everytime I bath and after which, I will dabbed neem oil and apply on affected area then with the mycoban. This is kinda typical kiasu Singaporean and worrying parents :p Heh. But well, I see the result between 2 weeks to 3 weeks which is rather effective. Before I came to know about neem oil, I followed doctor instruction and it had been a month and the ringworm still persists but it did get better quite a bit. I also cleaned entire house with vinegar and water 50% each and mix together to mop the floor and furnitures to remove the bacteria more effectively twice a day! DO NOT USE DETTOL EVEN IF YOU DILUTE IT! Cats skin are very sensitive and mild and it will caused health issues if your cat even ingest them during grooming!

Anyway, with neem oil help and cleaning twice a day with vinegar mixture of the entire house, my cat recovered faster and he was fully recovered in 2 months after the vet visit for the treatment. You can do fungus testing to confirm that your cat is free from ringworm! 😀

Hope this helps!