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The senior care supplement is a tablet-shaped supplement that combines the nutrients you want to eat every day for small animals to spend seniors with lively.


Prevention of hair balls Help clear ingested hair Enzymes in papaya digest fur Improve digestion of food


Lactobacillus "SUPPLE" supplements are lyophilized (freeze-dried preparation), but increased the activity of dried bacteria so deliberately, lactic acid bacteria has become stronger.


Vitamin C increases the immune system, it helps prevent the virus from entering the body. Guinea pigs and degu cannot synthesize their own vitamin C as compared to humans and thus vitamin C supplementation is a must. For Chinchilla and guinea pigs

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This supplement contains lactic acid bacteria which is properly preserved and viable.  These bacterial spores has been formulated in a state of live which begins to work upon ingestion.  It is in dormant state with excellent storage stability. Contains nutrients such as essential fatty acids as well as vitamins and minerals that helps maintain the optimum...

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Anti-rabbit hair supplement to promote bowel movement. Helps remove gastrointestinal hairball in rabbits.

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