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This product is a high-grade nutritional supplement that has not been developed so far, supplementing the nutrition of birds that tend to be insufficient with Hieawa alone, to live healthy and live long. Hair gloss improve, brighter eyes. It also promotes spawning and estrus.


Marukan Cuttle Bone contains plenty of natural calcium which helps small birds to grow beautifully and healthily. It is also suitable for adjusting beakers and relieving stress.


Marukan Soft Egg Food for Birds supports birds' nutrition which tends to be deficient and can not be supplemented with staple food only. It contains vitamins and minerals will keep the health of the little birds to optimal!


It is a delicious jelly using the bird's favorite apple pulp and vegetable extract. It can be use to hydrate small birds.


Deliciously ingest polyphenols! It is easy to give cookie in shape. Dry cranberry containing polyphenol was kneaded in cookie dough and deliciously baked.


Premium treat for all seed eating birds & small animals Easy to digest & nutritious

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