Skin, Eyes & Ears Care Solution 

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Rabbit's ears are an important organ that aids in thermoregulation in addition to performing the function of helping the rabbit to sense danger. This is especially important for lop ear varieties such as holland lops where the moisture and bacteria tends to get trapped.


Convenient and portable Contains silver ions as disinfectant Close to pet’s natural skin PH Controls pet odor No alcohol, preservatives, additives Comes in 2 sizes

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• helps sort out problem skin including fungal, bacterial, and yeast infections (like hotspots, dermatitis, ring worm and rain scald)• helps soothe itchy, flaky skin yet so gentle on your hands• leaves a glossy shine and whitens whites• helps fight fleas, ticks and lice• equivalent to over 1 litre of liquid shampoo• Perfect for dogs of all sizes and ages!

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