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Product Size: 108mm (D) X 86mm (H) Prevent easy spilling of food from food dish Colours available: Blue and Pink Colours of food dish are subjected to availability of stocks

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To feed milk to small animals Safe and easy to use Suitable for small animals


Circumference:136mm Easy maintenance of food dish Anti-toppling of food Weight: 815g Suitable for guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas


Easy to clean Remove unwanted moisture out of the drainage holes, always keep the dishes clean.


Can be hung from your furkid's cage/playpen grills Will not be moved around easily Suitable as a feeding bowl for small animals such as rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs.

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Able to use in 3 different ways! Exquisite workmanship, practical multi rotation grazing ball, a sphere can be divided into two halves. Can be fixed to the cage side or hanging. For rabbit, guinea pigs and chinchilla use.


Remove unwanted moisture out of the drainage holes, always keep the dishes clean.


Made with durable porcelain Holes at the bottom allows water drainage or powdery substances Stable feeder     

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Helps keep your pet's hay or food tidy and neat Made from natural non toxic wood Sturdy, durable Elegant design


The ball dispenses food, encouraging activity and keeping your pet amused and happy. It increases the eating period as well, preventing boredom and keeping him or her fit at the same time. Can be used with most foods, but is particularly suited to high quality food such as Supreme's Original or selective ranges.


This ball gives your pets a fun way of feeding. The ball dispenses treats and encourages the small animal to be active.

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Combo food bowl and grass box. Space saving product for rabbit and other small animal pets.Durable, easy to use and clean. Solves the problem of your pet pooping or peeing on the food / hay. Measurements: L 150 X 175 X 180 mm

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Try this Eco Feeder if you're fed up with the usual hay balls! Stopper can be fully opened for hay feeding releases. Reduces the amount of time for cleaning.  Tidy up the hay and feeding tray system. Easy to clean & Easy to refill hay


Small spoon to scoop out the feed can be used to maintain a clean feed, and feed more accurately measure the weight (35ml) 1 piece (approx 35 ml capacity)


The Combo Hay & Treat Dispenser is a fun and challenging way to provide your pet with some much needed hay, and some well deserved treats! The ball shaped dispenser holds hay and also comes with multiple hole for placing treats.


Using natural wood, can be used as feeders for rabbits and chinchillas and also for grawning of excess teeth. Comes with 1 installation fixture. Suitable for Rabbits, Guinea pigs and Chinchillas.


Made from natural wood, use as a feeder/hay rack for your pets. Also safe for them to use for gnawing

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