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Suitable for all small animals including hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchilla


Colourful apple-shaped loofah & wood chew. Living World® Nibblers are specially designed chew toys that help improve your small pet’s dental health. They are also fun to chew on and are an excellent boredom buster.

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Cone snack which is finished portly with yogurt. It does not get fat, optimum for diet. Loved by hamsters!


Action of dietary fiber and helps digestion, proteins were rich in vitamins minerals, and foods high in nutrition. It has been selected using the Mukien wheat is highly palatable natural flavor intact. Suitable for all small animals  

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Well-baked nutritious milk cookies which contain calcium and vitamins. Combines milk and calcium, resulting in all natural goodness in a baked cookie Suitable for small animals such as rabbits. To be mixed with your furkid’s staple food when feeding


American Pet Smaks Treats a helpful training aide reduces boredom improves interaction & engagement  great tool to wear down forever growing teeth a nutritious treat


Natural sunflower seeds ideal as a treats or snacks for your small animals. Ingredients:Natural Sunflower seeds Analysis:Protein-------15.06%Crude fat ---- 28.08%Crude fiber -----28.25%Ash------------ 2.71%

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Milk biscuit for baby rabbits. Contains ingredients which are gentle to your rabbit's sensitive stomach. A nutritionally balance supplements. Contains ingredients that reduce waste odor. Contains colostrum to promote healthy immune system.

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Strawberry flavored biscuits. Kneaded biscuits stick with unique strawberry taste to become a favorite to your squirrel or hamsters. Well baked sandwich biscuits with fresh strawberry paste.

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Contains vegetables and carrots and cheese blended into one.The kneaded biscuits stick to carrots and other vegetables and cheese, unique taste to become a favorite to your squirrel or hamsters. Stick biscuits with cheese, carrots and other vegetables.


It is a natural food that contains plenty of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fat, iron. Large type sunflower seeds suitable for medium and large hamsters.

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Nibble biscuit that helps your rabbit naturally trim down their teeth. Tasty milk biscuits ideal and perfect treats for small animals.

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