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Contains natural ingredients with enticing flavor of vegetables, and cereals.Perfect for your small animal pet snacks.


Beta carotene, a good source of vitamin A, is rich in carrots. Plus the fiber content, and antioxidants. A healthy treats for all small animal pets.    


Living World® Nibblers Beet & Pear on Stick Wood Chew is a colourful beet & pear-shaped wood chew on a chrome-plated rod for easy in-cage installation.


Suitable for all small animals including hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchilla


American Pet Smaks Treats a helpful training aide reduces boredom improves interaction & engagement  great tool to wear down forever growing teeth a nutritious treat


Action of dietary fiber and helps digestion, proteins were rich in vitamins minerals, and foods high in nutrition. It has been selected using the Mukien wheat is highly palatable natural flavor intact. Suitable for all small animals 


Made from kiwi tree branches for teeth maintenance and fun.  6 sticks per package.  Diameter: 1.5 cm (0.5 in), Length: 8 cm (3 in).


Colourful carrot-shaped wood chew on a chrome-plated rod for easy in-cage installation. Living World® Nibblers are specially designed chew toys that help improve your small pet’s dental health. They are also fun to chew on and are an excellent boredom buster.   

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