Training & Bark Control

Training & Bark Control 

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E-Bio Stop-Chew is an excellent training aid to pet owners and trainers!


E-Bio Stop Bark is an innovative product that tackles nuisance barking!

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 Teaches good behavior Wrist loop for easy training

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100% Leak-proof Guarantee 6 Rolls of 20 Refill Bags Refills fit in all Spotty Dispensers Makes pickup more convenient and mess free

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Bags To Go™ from Spotty™ makes you a responsible pet owner! The convenient snap clip easily attaches the dispenser to your leash and is the perfect size for walks and travel. The dispenser comes with 20 patterned refill bags.

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Shortens Training TIme Helps prevent Accidents Works indoor and outdoor


Training Aid for Housebreaking Puppies - For Puppies 8 Weeks+Spot Trains Puppy to One Spot Use on Newspaper, Concrete, Dirt or Grass Gradually Move Newspapers Outside to Desired Area - And Spot it!


Ease of transitioning your puppy to house training Ideal for training for your puppy for training pads Safe for puppies

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Training aid for outdoor and indoor use. Great For: • Outdoor Areas • Artificial Grass • Puppy Pads Helps train puppies and dogs of all ages where to potty. The unique attractant scent will encourage dogs to urinate wherever the product is sprayed. Apply the training spray to preferred designated areas.

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There is no job too big for Bitter YUCK! spray. The convenient trigger sprayer makes applying quick and easy. Our special water based formula will not sting or stain. Can be used directly on your pet’s hot spots, fur, bandages, and more. For Dogs, Cats and Horses. Can be used on plants also. 


The Petz Route Orange Muzzle controls your dog from biting, chewing & barking. It comes with a adjustable neck strap & clips on easily.

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