The presence of clean and fresh water is important for the proper care and maintenance of captive reptiles and amphibians. Exo Terra offers a complete line of products to ensure that a quality water source is always easy accessible for the terrarium inhabitants and that the water is kept clean and free of debris.


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Exo Terra Monsoon RS400 is a programmable rainfall system suitable for all types of terrariums and greenhouses. It helps maintain optimal humidity by generating precipitation at programmed intervals, the duration and frequency of which can be easily adjusted depending on the type of animal or plant housed.


Switch unit to On (1), Off (2) or Cycle (3) via remote control Great for temporarily switching the unit On/Off Enjoy the misting system remotely, without disturbing the terrarium


Increases air humidity levels up to 100% Great visual effect Simulates low clouds and fog in the tropical terrariums Generates early morning dew in desert terrariums


Programmable misting unit for terrariums, bird cages, aviaries or indoor gardens. New technology allows for a stronger and quieter pump that can mist 2 separate cages. Portable: for indoor or out-door use. Includes AC adapter, or will run on batteries (4 C batteries, not included).


Increase your tank's humidity with Zoo Med's new Repti Fogger™, a compact ultrasonic humidifying fogger with adjustable fog output control. This unit comes ready to operate! It includes a one liter bottle, an adjustable hose that extends up to 3 feet, and all the necessary fittings. The Repti Fogger™ also features a "no-spill" valve making it easy to...


Programmable misting unit for terrariums and greenhouses Easy to connect and install Flexible spray nozzles (up to 6!) can be pointed in any direction Large 8 liter (2 gallon) reservoir Easy to refill

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