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A 100% natural, dust free bathing sand, suitable for chinchillas and gerbils. Tested for perfect grain size and density, this bacterially clean product ensures a dust free atmosphere for chinchillas and gerbils, penetrating their fine fur structure to give a healthy clean skin. 


Delikate Zero Odor is a revolutionary breakthrough in bad smell removal. Effective in total smell removal for small animal cages, carriers and surroundings. Made totally with natural ingredients from extracts of 118 types of plants. Effectively removes germs and bacteria as well as to create a healthier clean environment for your small animals and family.

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Give your hamsters a wonderful playing area with a cosy house to sleep in! Moo Moo Pets has customized DIY tanks just for you all at a special price! Items included: 1) GEX 39.5cm tank 2) AB house 3) AB platform 4) Running silent wheel 12cm 5) Bathing Toilet 6) Food dish 7) 80ml water bottle  


Suitable for dwarf hamsters Dimensions: 10.5cm Colours available: Pink/Green/Blue/Red Colours subject to availability

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Product Size: 108mm (D) X 86mm (H) Prevent easy spilling of food from food dish Colours available: Blue and Pink Colours of food dish are subjected to availability of stocks


Oxbow Western Timothy Hay is the ideal long-strand fiber source for keeping small animal digestive tracts functioning properly. Our most popular grass hay—with high fiber, low protein and low calcium content—is widely recommended by veterinarians


Measurements: 60cm X 35.5cm X 32.5cm Easy maintenance of cleaning of the cage Good air ventilation for your pet Suitable for all breeds of rabbits and guinea pigs

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Measurements: 6.7cm X 3.3 cm X 1.7cm Made with soft stainless steel needles Protect your pet's skin with ball-pin needles Removes loose hair easily Suitable for all hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas  

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Complete pellet ration specifically designed for the junior, growing or breeding Guinea Pigs or Chinchillas. Great tasting small pellet for ease of eating. Yucca added to reduce cage odors. Stabilized Vitamin C added to help prevent teeth and gum problems. American Pet Diner's high quality hay to be fed daily to your Guinea Pig or Chinchilla to meet their...

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- Dimension : W34 x D18 X H25 cm - Includes side pouch and platform - Covers can be rolled up/down for better ventilation  


House for all small animals Suitable for guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas Medium Size: 9" x 10" x 8" Weight: 1.5 lbs


Made of durable plastic Stain and odor resistant Easy to clean Colours: Green and Red  Measurement:Bottom : 40cm x 35cm Top :23cm x 18cm Height : 24cm


Made of durable plastic Stain and odor resistant Easy to clean Colours: Green and Red  Measurement:Height 27cm x diameter 27cm Opening H 18 x W 12.5 cm.

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Hagen Living World Rabbit Resort Starter Kit Orange and White is everything you need to get started with your pet rabbit.White, orange bottom Inclusive of Drinking bottle and food dish and Pine shavings


Capacity: 250ml Suitable for all small animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas


Suitable for cutting and trimming of nails for small animals


Antiseptic. Dries up cuts and wounds, stop bleeding, relieves rashes, hot spot and foot rots Contains: Antiseptic and bactericide in a suitable powder base. Suitable for all small animals, dogs and cats

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Measurements: Around the neck: 14 ~ 22cm Girth: 18 ~ 30cm It is a pet friendly harness where the power is distributed in the body and neck. Mooring fittings with a convenient, at rest or walk! Addressed to the pet-friendly, soft back,! Lost, write a name tag with cute bell even know where! Adopt simple, one-touch buckle mounting!


Dimension (LxBXH): 275 x 200 x 150mm Wire mesh include to elevate small animals from bedding. 


Habitrail® OVO Trainer is an add-on unit that increases living space and enhances your hamster’s living and playing experiences.   The OVO Trainer consists of a blue trainer, 1 window, 1 lock connector, 1 white wheel guard, and 1 rubber band.    

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Package comes with: 1)MR313 Rabbit Cage 2)MR132 Rabbit Harness/ Leash 3)ES6 Corner Porcelain bowl 4)MR149 Hanging Wood 5)MR260 Carrot/ Veg Holder 6)WD744 Corner Litter Pan 7)61582 Water Bottle 8)MR611 Hay/ Fruit Box 9)MR277 Hemp Mat 10)Hagen Living World Snap Inn 11) Large igloo    


Great place for your hamster to sleep in! Create a pretty environment or decorate your tank with this set now! (:

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