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Accurate temperature indication Remote sensor Minimum / Maximum temperature memory Fits the Exo Terra Compact Top and Linear Fluorescent Top Canopies


Accurate humidity indication Remote sensor Minimum / Maximum humidity memory Fits the Exo Terra Compact Top and Linear Fluorescent Top Canopies 


Accurate temperature and humidity indication Single button operated Combined remote sensor for temperature and humidity Minimum / Maximum memory Fits the Exo Terra Compact Top and Linear Fluorescent Top Canopies


The ReptiTemp® Digital Infrared Thermometer is a small pocket sized Infrared Thermometer that instantly measures terrarium temperatures with the click of a button. Perfect for all reptile and amphibian keepers! This great tool will allow keepers to monitor thermal gradients, basking sites, shelters, incubation and hibernation temperatures, and more.


Allows precise monitoring of both the temperature and humidity of your terrarium from one unit. Temperature and humidity levels are extremely important to the long term heath of your animals. Velcro® backing enables easy removal for cleaning or relocation.


Waterproof: Completely Submersible! Digital readout faces forward in the tank. Suction cups secure thermometer to the glass. Spare battery included.


Digital Thermometer for terrariums with digital readout in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Has a remote sensor probe for accurate readings.


Monitor terrarium temperature and humidity with one unit with Zoo Med's Dual Analog Thermometer and Humidity Gauge. Thermometer scale: 20° to 120°F (-6° to 49°C). Humidity Scale: 0 to 100%.


Accurately reads the amount of water vapor saturation (humidity) in the air of your terrarium. Range is from 0 to 100%.


Extreme temperature range from 20° to 120° F (-6° to 49°C) for precise temperature monitoring.

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