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Scratch Posts 

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Sharpen and remove the dead outer layer of claws, stretch and flex their bodies and work off energy Protect your furniture from scratches Available in 4 unique patterned shapes

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Hide out spot with scratching purpose Refillable scratchers flooring


The irresistible toy for cats with scratch mat, ball, spring toy and catnip Sales-boosting in 4 fashionable colours. "Play-n-Scratch" Height of the spring: approx. 25 cm; ø/h:36x4.5 cm; weight: 730 g;

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Two level Cat furniture/sratch post for your pet's play time and sratching needs. 70x41x110cm

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Cat's sleeping nest/ bed and can be used as a grasping/ scratcher plate! Molded into a cat head shape. Elegant design with vivid pink color!

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Corrugated board can be used on both sides.  Replacement refillable scratcher for CT258

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Marukan reversible nail polisher is designed as nail polish made of paulownia wood decorated with corrugated processing.


Scratch unlimited, from moderate hardness special cardboard. Nail friendly, easy to polish, durable. Economical to use as it is a reversible two sided scratching board.


This nail scratcher is a thin wavy carpet fabric, overall shape is engineered carefully. Lightweight, and easy to pick up. 

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The scratching post is superbly fun for your cat with hemp rope and hanging toy for your cat's delight!


Leopard Style Patterned Cat Scratcher with catnip provides your cat with a corrugated scratching surface, as well as helps protect your furniture from scratches.. Length 50.5 x 25cm Catnip Included.


Scratch unlimited, from moderate hardness special cardboard. Nail friendly, easy to polish, durable. Catnip provided Size 45x24cm

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Easy assembly without tools easily and its made of a good comfortable plush velvet material. Hemp mill cat claw column available. Easy to clean using vacuum cleaner and designed into a triangular tunnel with hanging toy inside. 

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Convenient to use for your cat's scratch board, let the cat jumps up and down. Helps provides your cat's scratching needs for a healthier paws and nails. Crafted with hanging toy ball and mouse, it is easy to use and assemble, no tools required. Can be used with catnip to be sprinkled on it for its best and optimum use.

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Easy assembly without tools easily, designed with a brush and a toy attached to a spring. This helps your pet feel the hunting experience and excitements. Easy to clean using vacuum cleaner. 

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Easy assembly without tools easily. Good comfortable plush velvet material, easy to clean using vacuum cleaner. Designed with tunnel and a scratching post to meet your feline's scratching needs. Measurement: W300 x D360 x H330mm

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If your cat likes grasping carpet cloth, then this creative design from Japan is the most suitable. With deep basin design. The inner side is of biege plush carpet, your cat can nest inside. Wavy stripes designed to catch debris.

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Lasting Scratching mat for cat to scratch , Sleep and rest on. Thickness : 1cm  Size 30x40cm

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Features: • Strong & sturdy• Wood and feather toy• Easy to assemble• Jute scratching post

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Features: • Strong & sturdy• Climbing & hiding fun• Easy to assemble• Wooden toy• Jute scratching post

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Features:• Strong & sturdy • Wood and feather toy • Easy to assemble • Jute scratching post

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