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Fly like a real butterfly! The curiosity of cats with movement and sound! If you set it on the foundation it will play alone!


Leopard Style Patterned Cat Scratcher with catnip provides your cat with a corrugated scratching surface, as well as helps protect your furniture from scratches.. Length 50.5 x 25cm Catnip Included.


Scratch unlimited, from moderate hardness special cardboard. Nail friendly, easy to polish, durable. Catnip provided Size 45x24cm


Good quality cotton with stylist leopard or zebra printing cat hammock ,keeping your cat warm and comfortable in cage. Size 53x38cm

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Battery operated moving cat ball! Let your cat get excited and play! Cats are excitedly excited about the bouncing ball's movement and cries!

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Fun toy to play after entering into the ball! The assembly requires a Phillips screwdriver.

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The Twist ’n Treat Teaser cat toy makes playtime more fun! The added feather topper will entice your cat even more. It moves with a funky bobble and pops treats out as your cat plays. Twist apart the two halves of the toy and fill the center with your cat’s favorite treat or dry food, then watch the fun! Tighten the halves to give your cat a challenge.

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The fishbowl gives cats of all ages a stimulating and rewarding play experience. Your cat can see, smell, and touch the treats or kibble you place in the fishbowl and she must solve the puzzle to get them out!

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