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  Aloveen shampoos and conditioners contain oatmeal which is indicated for the treatment of inflamed or irritated skin- dogs and cats. Aloveen is formulated in an Aloe Vera gel base.  

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0 - 1 yearsfor kittens and pregnant / lactating catsSanabelle Kitten supports the optimum development of kittens due to its high nutrient density. Furthermore it satisfies special nutrient requirements of foetus development in pregnant cats as well as promotes the milk supply for lactating cats. Sanabelle Kitten is very palatable and digestible....

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Kitten Health is a well-rounded, everyday diet of meats, grains and fruits. We have focused on the nutrition that growing kittens need to develop at the right pace from weaning to 1 year. Get your kitten's growing stomach off to the right start!

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Vitamin Rich Avocados for Healthy Skin & Fur* Chicken & Herring Meal Formula* DHA enriched for eye & brain development* High quality proteins & fats for growth* Contains omega 6 & 3 fatty acids


A diet formulated for finicky or sensitive cats. Contains higher amounts of animal protein for increased palatability to encourage cats to eat. Independant taste tests show that cats prefer the taste of NutraGold Finicky Adult Cat over a leading super premium manufacturer 3 to 1. High quality ingredients ensure the food is highly digestible and energy dense.


•For All Life Stages•Grain-Free•Roasted Venison & Smoked Salmon•Optimal Amino Acids•Digestive Support System•Antioxidants•Omega Fatty Acid Blend•Berry Blend•Taurine•Tomatoes•No Corn, No Soy•Chelated Minerals


ANF FELINE ADULT TAMIAMI FORMULA DRY CAT FOODFormulated with chicken, egg, and fish proteins to provide balanced nutrition for adult cats. Great taste; guaranteed to satisfy even the most finicky cat.

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Natural DHA supports healthy brain development and learning ability Taurine and multivitamins promote healthy growth of vital organs Enriched with vitamins C+E to protect the immune system Real chicken #1 with natural ingredients and no chicken by-product meal


Healthy Nourishment to Stay Strong and Active This Iams ProActive Health formula has PreBiotics that work inside the digestive tract to promote healthy digestion and strong defenses. Healthy inside. Healthy outside.  

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Wellness® Canned Chicken & Herring Recipe provides two sources of high quality protein and essential fatty acids, made with chicken and fish free of added growth hormones and steroids.

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Ingredients Mackerel, Gelling agent, Vitamins and Minerals, Oligo Sucrose   Note: Each order consists of 24cans of Fussie Cat Fresh Mackerel 400g   Guaranteed AnalysisProtein Min 10% Fat Min 1.5% Fibre Max 1% Water Max 84% Ash Max 3% Taurine Max 0.05%


Fresh pheasant, ripe fruits & vegetables with brown rice make up this holistic dinner so that you can treat your cat's nutritional needs as well as the body's well being.   *Each order consists of 24cans of Evangers Holistic Pheasant Dinner Cat Canned Food 156g


Sumo Cat Food uses the freshest quality raw materials fortified with all necessary vitamins & minerals that is a must for maintaining balanced diet and a healthy growth for your cat!


Aristo Cats Canned Food is manufactured using the freshes raw materials direct from the ocean. Jelly that is included are produced with our unique recipes that all cats even the fussy ones are tempted.


An aid in the treatment of allergic and inflammatory dermatological conditions responsive to polyunsaturated fatty acids in dogs and cats

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Keep It Clean is an effective and easy to use cleaning solution and disinfectant, ideal for use within your pet's environment. This unique formulation helps to reduce odours and eliminates potentially harmful bacteria. It is proven to assist in the prevention of bacterial and viral infections such as Canine Distemper, Viral Haemorrhagic Disease and...


Dimensions: 45 x 22 x 33 cm Buy 2 and receive 10% discount! (


Dogit® Voyageur Dog Carrier, Small. Colour: cool gray base with cool gray top. Size: 48.3 cm L x 32.6 cm W x 28 cm H (19in x 12.8in x 11in). For dogs with maximum height of 24 cm (9.5in).

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