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Optimal Balance of nutient-rich whole foods to fulfil the unique health needs of your growing puppyNatural Source of DHA-Promotes Brain DevelopmentPromotes Bone & Muscle DevelopmentSmaller Kibble Size for Smaller MouthsGuranteed Great Taste

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Available in 12.5oz Per Can100% Grain Free Higher Protein from 5 Premium Meats! Carefully regulated and guaranteed mineral levels to support overall metabolic function Greens & Botanicals for preventative health benefits Fish & Flax Omega blend for healthy skin and coat Contains No: Meat By-Products, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Artificial Colors,...

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Hill's® Science Diet® Puppy Healthy Development dog food provides precisely balanced, easy-to-digest nutrition for growing puppies.


Made with Fresh Salmon for naturally great taste Whole foods including sweet potatoes and peas for gentle digestion Simple recipes with only 8 key ingredients for fewer food sensitivities NO fillers, corn, wheat, soy, or by-product meals Specifically crafted for adult dogs Made in the U.S.A.


Great tasting formula with chicken protein, brewers rice, whole wheat, and all the nutrients needed for puppies from weaning to 12-18 months, plus pregnant and nursing mothers.


Recommended For:SMALL BREED (20 LBS. AND UNDER AT MATURITY), 1-12 MONTHS100% Nutrition, 0% Filler: Our highest quality ingredients are purposefully formulated to provide 100% complete nutrition with 0% fillers


OOOoooooh!....the goodness.....the smell.....the explosive taste. We call it the ORIGINAL. Key Benefits - Healthier Diet and Appetite - Shinier Coat and Cleaner Teeth - natural Balance of Calcium and Phosphorous ratio - Contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus which aid digestion  


FURRY PALS Dry Shampoo is an alternative to use shampoo. It is anti-septi and cleans your pet cost, get rid of the unpleasant odor, having a fresh and sweet smell, it is mild and gentle that does not irritate skin, suitable for puppies, cats and small animals. Owners will definitely find it easy and simple to use, especially on their pets that hate being...


An aid in the treatment of allergic and inflammatory dermatological conditions responsive to polyunsaturated fatty acids in dogs and cats


In the early living stages much care should be taken in what type of nutrition your puppy receives. Bosch High Premium Puppy dry dog food is developed for the needs of puppies incl. sensitive puppies in the first months of life. It is also highly digestible, nutritious and tasty Kibble Size: ~8mm

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Keep It Clean is an effective and easy to use cleaning solution and disinfectant, ideal for use within your pet's environment. This unique formulation helps to reduce odours and eliminates potentially harmful bacteria. It is proven to assist in the prevention of bacterial and viral infections such as Canine Distemper, Viral Haemorrhagic Disease and...


Hill's® Science Diet® Puppy Healthy Development Savory Chicken Entrée dog food has great taste and precisely balanced nutrition to help build immunity and mobility. Superior nutrition from high quality ingredients enhances better overall health. Promotes gentle and healthy digestion and has a savory meaty taste your puppy will love!


Iams Healthy Naturals Puppy offers more protein* for a growing puppy and takes the best of nature to provide unsurpassed nutrition with 9 key ingredients


Dimensions: 40 X 18 X 26 CM Buy 2 and receive 10% discount! (

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AvoDerm® Original provides quality protein sources that are ideal for adult dogs with sensitivities to other protein sources. We use only quality ingredients in all our formulas to provide healthy, balanced levels of protein, fat, and nutrients for adult dogs.

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Helps stimulate appetite in even the fussiest of Chihuahuas.  Helps reduce the volume and odour of the stools.  Helps reduce the formation of tartar with calcium chelators and a tailor made dental kibble Kibble specially adapted to the Chihuahua's tiny jaw.  


Dogit® Voyageur Dog Carrier, Small. Colour: cool gray base with cool gray top. Size: 48.3 cm L x 32.6 cm W x 28 cm H (19in x 12.8in x 11in). For dogs with maximum height of 24 cm (9.5in).

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Only the freshest, healthiest and natural ingredients go into our foods. Every tray is packed with quality ingredients, rich in nutrition, added with prebiotics in improving the health of the gastrointestinal tract and to ensure your dog get the nutrients required to maintain a healthy growth. A well balanced formula for all small breeds


For small dogs and other small pets Retractable Lead Colour may vary from Image. Tape leash 3m

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Ideal for moderately active adult dogs, to maintain total health. Available sizes: 1.81kg/6.8kg/15kg

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Taste of the Wild has expanded their offering with their two most popular adult formulas in a puppy formulation! High Prairie Puppy and Pacific Stream Puppy are the newest additions to the Taste of the Wild family and were developed specifically to be more nutritionally beneficial for dogs under the age of 18 months.


Many animals, including dogs, prefer to drink running water, and with the Water Fountain eliminating stale and stagnant water, it is naturally more inviting to pets.

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